Cooking Mama

This is a game that was released in America last month. Cooking Mama is a DS platform game that has you, the player, cooking various meals with the use of the stylus and touchscreen. As you go through the steps of preparing each dish, there sometimes comes an option to change your recipe to another dish. Then there is the whole process of unlocking more recipes.

I believe that this is a great game to have or try out. I’ve been getting mediocre food scores, but I know this game introduces players to the idea of cooking. With more time spent on the game, then improvement is bound to occur in the process of fine tuning your hand with the stylus.

In real life, it has always been an idea of mine to learn more about cooking and while my process of going to Culinary school was dashed…. I’ve always remained an avid fan of cook shows and the Food Network. Enjoying good food is an enjoyment of life…. picky eating also ensures good eats.


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