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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: Episodes 1-2

Finally they’ve started to release this series. This is a highly anticipated series for me to watch. Even more so than Death Note. I love the opening for Jigoku Shoujo 2. While each episode have practically the same storyline with … Continue reading

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Black Lagoon: Episode 3

I actually cried at the conclusion of this episode…. it was quite final and sad. I think this would be a great OVA arc instead of part of the main TV series. Because after this story, I don’t know where … Continue reading

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Bartender: Episode 1

I’ve been waiting for this series since I saw it in an anime magazine over the summer and finally got the chance. The episode started off by saying that 2006 is the 200th year of the cocktail. I assume cocktails … Continue reading

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Black Lagoon: Episode 2

Oh my.. this anime is so not meant for children that it so obviously points it out. I just saw a stripper with her breasts hanging out. Still I liked this episode and is waiting for the next one with … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Scissors: Episode 1

Of the several new Fall anime coming out now. I’ve watched and really am intrigued by this series. At first I caught this anime because there were comparisons to Full Metal Panic, so I really liked that series… hence my … Continue reading

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Feeling good…. for morals of anime.

While many people can discredit watching anime as to something like watching children’s cartoones. There’s many feel good messages that are projected upon watching. Like a good book or show that you can’t get into. There are scenes in anime … Continue reading

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One Piece – Episode 279 to an undeterminable episode…

Finally it has happened… darn it… even One Piece falls victim to bad filler episodes.. never mind the fact that there has been previous arcs in the series which were fillers.. still these episodes are all repeated clips of the … Continue reading

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Popularity of Japanese blogs from real life scandals.

Hmm.. well as I always enjoy talking with friends online, one of them threw this pretty interesting link in the chat…. about the popularity of blogs in Japan. They can get published into books as this blogger did. This so … Continue reading

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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage – Episode 1

Much of the anticipation that I have in the fall, other than the beginnings of the academic year is the start of new seasons in anime. Like sitcoms or shows on television, anime has a same cycle like televised shows. … Continue reading

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Reflections of a perspective on dubbed anime

I’ve been watching anime my entire life and for the last eight or so years, it has been watching fansubs. I suppose the honest thing to do is actually support the companies that release dubbed anime in America. But I … Continue reading

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