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Fall 2006 Anime Season’s Recap…. What I didn’t get myself into and vice versa.

As the new year is looming, this is a good time now to recap and reflect on Fall anime series I got into or not… I’m taking the list of anime from here….. and this is an edited list with … Continue reading

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Tsubasa Chronicles 2 – Ending.

Let’s just say I bounced around watching this series. I really like the whole concept.. a lot better than xxxHolic… and what character development has been made for Sakura and Syaoran. They are older and this is an alternate universe … Continue reading

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Charmin Bear Mascot and Kimi wa Petto

Such an old comparsion right? I would think so.. since Kimi wa Petto is several years old as a Japanese Drama (J-Drama.) Even still I just recently started on a kick to watch J-Dramas and this was one I watched … Continue reading

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Curse of the Golden Flower

Happy Holidays to people and their families. Anyhow I went and caught a showing of this film and I have to say, it’s an excellent film. Having gone with a close friend, he underestimated the audience for seeing this movie. … Continue reading

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iTunes “Clean” Rating.

I just noticed today as I was looking for a song from iTunes. I don’t really have that much of a comment, but since I saw this rating today… I have to say something. Perhaps it is my dismay, but … Continue reading

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Sims 2

Well I’m an enthusiast for the game.. that doesn’t mean that I’m very good at the game. I just got Sims 2 and three other expansion packs: University, Pets and Open for Business. Might want to get Nightlife soon. I’ve … Continue reading

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Technology is great!

Praises for innovations in visual aid technology! Mina… referred me to this tidbit of news after I told her of a 701 project I was doing.. so a braille e-reader.. this news tingles and makes me dance frantically (mentally of … Continue reading

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Erasing places off the map…

Well as a Geography major in my undergrad.. I joined up with a Maps Listserv and found this article to chew on. Georgia erases 488 places off the map. That is such a sad prospect, their reasoning seems to be … Continue reading

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Suara Live vs. Suara CD

Even if the quality of the video definitely stinks in the live performance of Suara, it was what made me really like the sub-theme of Utawarumono.. now as I got the cd… it is such a disappointment… too many music … Continue reading

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I got to say I always like it when Google has a special way to change their name on Got to say I collect the different pictures of their representations. I love the way today’s icon is. It’s Edward … Continue reading

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