Writing skill

One of my life’s worries and concern is to improve my writing skills, since my mathematical skills is so poor. During my primary school education, writing was not taught in depth and so it wasn’t until my high school education that I learned of my writing skills being quite poor. During college, I actually tried to improve my writing, (taking three sections- Comp 095, 100 and 200, joining up with the State Times) and while I am more aware of my weakness, it is still quite hard for me to articulate words.

Since I am already a graduate student, there is times the writing is definitely something to scream about. It is a hope that I can write more, so there’s the various blog attempts and never ending WiP fanfictions.. I definitely miss writing for the school newspaper, but it is with remember what an old college professor had encourage the necessity to write more and more.. so even if the entries of this blog might still seem quite rushed, I certianly hope my writing skills is improving.

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