Kimi ni Todoke Impressions


Ahh.. well this was on a mental list of mine to check out for Fall 2009, and so far of the anime I have seen and it hasn’t disappointed me for the bit, unlike some other anime titles. I am looking forward to reading Viz’s release of this manga.

So far have seen the first two episodes, and while the artwork is slightly softer or perhaps more linear than what I am expecting. I really like the backdrops of Japanese rural towns. I do have some fears, better throw that out before I get upset that my worries did come true.

Hoping that this anime won’t be repeating its themes all the time. So far audience knows that Sawako is really scary to look at, but if she continues to have that kicked/accepting complex, it would be pretty repetitive, and turn off. She better develop a backbone, and accept the friendship before tearing or getting shy all over the place. However, this may be the metamorphism of her character from a shy caterpillar to a butterfly, so I will be watching this series with a keen eye.


The love love implications between Sawako and Kazehaya are really cute though, first love. Somehow in my mind I am brought back to the same feelings, I experienced when I watched Kare Kano back in High School. They’re similar, and not similar titles.


Hearing Sawako’s seiyuu as Mamiko Noto makes me pretty happy. I liked her in Jigoku Shoujo, but so far haven’t been able to persist with much of her series. So hearing her as Sawako is pretty sweet.

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  • Misu

    Your screenshots seem a bit squished.

    She’s definitely getting a backbone, evidenced by her willingness to “straighten out misunderstandings”. I agree with you, though, that whether or not she builds on that could definitely make-or-break this anime.

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  • miz

    @Misu Thanks for commenting! Yes, the screenshot was a lot bigger, but had to change the resolution to make it fit as I see it on my laptop. I haven’t got to see the 3rd episode yet.. but yes..

  • Misu

    Oh, I meant that the width seems to be out of proportion with the height. For example:
    I ran into the same problem with episodes of Kobato, I had to change the renderer on Media Player Classic to capture them properly.

  • miz

    Oh thanks! Will definitely have to remember that next time when I catch up with the series.. not sure if I will be episodic blogging though. But I have high anticipations that even if the series is not as good, the manga will bring it back. Waiting for the Yen Press release of it now.

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