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2009 Great Manga Gift Guide

Ahh I am getting pretty happy with the amount of graphic novels that are coming out by various publishers, in the next couple of months. I took an interest in Yuricon‘s call for reader/reviewers to provide a graphic novels gift … Continue reading

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Photography Midterm

With the semester coming to a close sooner.. and I am still working on my final project, decided to put up photos that I submitted for my midterm. The critique I recall hearing, was that these shots looked liked they … Continue reading

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NYU Talk Like Singing – Katori Shingo’s U.S performance, and fan experience.

This is going to be a pretty wordy report, with a slide show of images. So if you want to read this report, memory recap, check under this cut.

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Twitter and Updates.. wearing too many hats really..

I have an avid interest in Twitter, it became more of an interest of mine, ever since I started it. I even wrote about a response a while ago comparing it to Plurk. I love thinking about social media, but … Continue reading

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Dir en Grey Event at NYC Kinokuniya- 11/10/09

I am sure any one who have heard of Jrock, and are fans of it would have heard of Dir en Grey. The band is currently present at NYC, for a three night concert. I heard that Friday’s tickets are … Continue reading

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Happy International Pocky Day!

Yay for one of my favorite Japanese biscuits! Yes, November 11 is International Pocky Day as I get from this website and from my Tweets, so break out your pocky stash, and much on them while surfing the net! Technically … Continue reading

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Utada Hikaru’s U.S. Tour Dates..

So yes, the fabulous singing sensational Utada Hikaru is going to do her her United States tour next year, and so far the confirmed dates and venues that is going to be of interest to be is New York @ … Continue reading

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Samples to entice..

All right, have you seen the samples at the super market, this blog entry is about the Japanese perspective, of ensuring, the customer will purchase the product, now isn’t that neat? I think so. I read this, and was thinking … Continue reading

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Getting new ideas for this blog.. and Facebook..

Okay trying to do a lot of things at once, so yes and no to updating this blog. Recently saw Otaku Dan’s latest blog entry, in regards about what blog entries failed to make it past the drawing board or … Continue reading

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Mayonnaise and Ramen .. how would that taste like?

Well one thing I can sum up from this video via Japan Probe, is that the opinion is probably a very different taste. The reporter kept on making these oohs and ahhs.. so while she didn’t say Oiishi, it would … Continue reading

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