Mayonnaise and Ramen .. how would that taste like?

Well one thing I can sum up from this video via Japan Probe, is that the opinion is probably a very different taste. The reporter kept on making these oohs and ahhs.. so while she didn’t say Oiishi, it would probably be a unique salty sweet tasting dish. I have seen Japanese love Mayonnaise, but first time I even saw it as a soup base for Ramen..  so yes to those who have tried it..

But for people who would probably say eww.. Japanese mayonnaise is not Hellmann’s version.. which is pretty heavy. While I am not a fan of eatting much mayonnaise.. would maybe like to try this one out.

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  • Hynavian

    Strangely, I have a bottle of Wasabi Mayonnaise in my fridge and I’m still unsure whether I should taste it.

  • miz

    Is that a good thing or bad thing?

  • Ryan A

    KEWPIE MAYO! Not sure if that is the whole-egg kind or what, but Helman’s is very different, I couldn’t imagine it with ramen *shivers*

    Although, wasabi can drastically alter the flavor, so who knows.

  • miz

    I recall my friend mention that Kewpie mayonaise is processed differently. She mentioned that dairy products are processed differently. I had a field day with dairy products when I was in Japan, but am quite lactose-intolerant in the states. So would love to taste Mayo based Ramen if I can.