Random entry in a screeching halt… >_<

Okay okay.. I am not sure if I should even be pulling this in the middle of 12 Days.. but yeah as I skimmed through my Google Reader, which I am consistently 1000+ posts in the hole. I kinda want to point out that, as I look at this blog entry. I know that I may have hit the nail the wrong way, and the hammer went sailing elsewhere to hit something else.

But yeah since 12 days is very toward the end, will I talk anime or not… sure… or just some more Japanese culture relevant stuff? Day 9 is coming soon.

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  • http://anime2.kokidokom.net Gargron

    Um, sorry I don’t get what you wanted to say about my post… o.o

  • http://scrumptious.animeblogger.net/ usagijen

    The first time I participated in the ’12 moments of Christmas’ I didn’t exactly post moments, since I only watched a handful of animes that time. Instead posted meta stuff, Japan visit reminiscing, etc XD

    This year I ended up skipping the 12 moments of Christmas because I spent more time in emo-mode this year than basking in them animus, mostly because I’m lazy.

    In any case, go reminisce about whatever you want! That’s what this is all about, after all. To remember <3 Don’t force yourself to write for the sake of writing, your <3 should inspire you to push through this :)

  • http://animemiz.wordpress.com/ miz

    @Gargon, Nah don’t worry just pointing out the fact that I may or not be in the spirit of anime blogging. >_<

    @usagijen Thanks the the pep..