Wild Adaptor…reading volume 1..

Wild Adapter, as I am quite sure people are aware is June’s MMF title, and unfortunate to say that with real life and other commitments. I made an attempt to find and read the series. Rightstuf has it for sale after Tokyopop shuttered its company. There are six volumes in this short series.

What Melinda and Michelle said in their opening entry, that each volume can be a standalone volume. This is a true assessment. In volume 1, you as a reader is introduced to the world and shady characters that can be involved in it.

The art is quite stark and to the point, but what got to me was how the little I read of what I termed as vigilante noir type manga. I am reviewing for this entry, my take on volume one which I read before throwing up my hands and saying, this is really not my day to pick through a tormented bad ass’s soul. I am quite apologetic, but even with MMF going to happen is not going to set my sensations going your way. So I am going to have shelve you, and try to read you another day.

Till  then.. there are possibly other type of novels to go to. Black Lagoon and Loveless might be comparable titles in terms of themes and an overall tone. (Now this is a subjective assessment, which shows off the fact that I have to read more to say more.)

So Kubota Makoto’s character is initially introduced, and you don’t even meet the series other protagonist until the end of volume 1. In the meantime, you get to meet Komiya Nobuo who I felt was a sunny character in spite of his background with a drug using mother. Despite his yakuza background, he gets placed into a side kick role, as other characters seemingly out maneuver him in terms of bad ass-ness. Komiya also conveniently plays a typical role as the catalyst that pushes Kubota away from the yakuza world into a grey type of world.

I wasn’t as pleased as I thought I would be. Still even if I had my negative feelings toward it, please take the time to read through other entries that is going to be submitted.

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