MMF: La Quinta Camera

Wheeeeee… it has been months since my evening with Ono Natsume. At the present time, I am trying to not drool and stare with want at the shrink wrapped copies of Tesoro at Kinokuniya, I’ll read it eventually.  So I turn back to my manga pile where I have one book to review for this month’s MMF: La Quinta Camera.

In Japan this is Ono’s initial web comic series that became her first book. In the United States, there are other of her later published works that got published faster in English. There is only one book of this, but as you can see from Ono’s other works, the art is quite similar to not Simple and to Yoshitomo Nara’s woodprints below. Simplistic, yet the message is quite clearly conveyed.

Quinta as defined by Webster’s is a Portuguese or Spanish country villa or estate, but there is an orgin of the word being used as a farm leased for 1/5 profits. Ono used the title of La Quinta Camera to refer to refer to the 5th room. What I read from this book, is a slice of life story set in Italy, where every chapter of has a new fifth temporary house guest. This impacts the daily life of the four other bachelors in this Italian apartment. Of the house guests, my favorite would have to be Brooke, despite the fact that she was the last of the house guests introduced.

With meeting new people and experiencing life, time never stops. Ono’s books always talk about a nice paced existence.  I can easily see La Quinta Camera as a wonderful Japanese drama, just like Shinya Shokudo. I think that about covers it for my thoughts of this book. It looks like I won’t be able to cover my thoughts sufficiently for Gente in time for this MMF, but it might end up redundant.

Now if you want to read other thoughtful posts about Ono’s other works, check out this MMF’s archive page over at Manga Widget.

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  • Julie

    “Quinta as defined by Webster’s is a Portuguese or Spanish farm leased for 1/5 profits.”

    You’re barking up the wrong tree here. “Quinta” means “fifth” in both Spanish and Italian, but the title is straightforwards Italian for “The Fifth Room”, or more specifically, “The Fifth Bedroom”.

    • animemiz

      @Julie Thanks for the comment, I’ll go back and qualify what I wrote.. but the definition is what I saw on the website. I don’t speak Spanish, but when I asked a Spanish speaker they said the word also means a street. Still as an English speaker, I am going to rely on this definition.

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