MMF: My limited exposure with Usamaru Furuya

Of the manga that Usamaru Furuya has written that has been published into English, the one I have read is Lychee Light Club. That I read in about half an hour, concluding with a four word expletive. It was a dark roller coaster ride that is definitely not for every reader. I wouldn’t recommend it for conservative readers, but if you want to peer into the warped minds of socially deviant characters who blur the lines between good and evil like The Clock Work Orange, then the Lychee Light Club is definitely something to be read and pondered about.

Females in this story were objectified, as the club creates a robot to kidnap torture and violate females. With the exception of Kanon, all females mentioned in this story were not spared. The lychee fruit was used as a symbol of the club and as a means to create convent with the robot. Toward the end of the story, lies and distrust ultimately kills the club as the robot turns against its creators, with the fate of each and every member a gruesome mess.

Another work that had the participation of Furuya in, is the movie Love Exposure, that I wrote a review about. I watched this movie a couple of years ago, and recently researched that Usamaru Furuya was in it. So I re-watched snippets of the movie, he portrayed a cult leader in this movie, and was for the most part a supporting character in the development of the movie.

Not to really spoil the movie, but what a typical Japanese bloody way for him to go. If there were any live action movies adaption that would reflect the vision from my limited exposure to Furuya works, then Shion Sono should be the right candidate. From what Ash mentioned here, Furuya was in another Sono film, that I have yet to see. It definitely is not a common occurrence to know that a mangaka is also an actor. If you want to read any of this week’s MMF contribution, check out this page.

Here is a Youtube clip of the making of Love Exposure. You get to see Furuya speak at around 13:36.

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  • Justin

    Wait…how did you read Lychee in half an hour!?? *methinks you read too much*

    Also, I didn’t realize he was an actor in a movie. Interesting…

    • animemiz

      Well Lychee was pretty simple to get through.. and I so wanted to see what would happen. I had a doubletake when I confirmed that Furuya was an actor as well. ^_^

  • Ash

    Thank you for participating in the Feast! And thank you for posting that YouTube clip, I hadn’t seen it before!

    • animemiz

      Yay.. glad to see that the youtube clip was a new one. ^_^