MMF: Hide and Seek… A Manga I am Grateful for..

Reading scanlations is the solution for some readers to read manga that has not been licensed here, and yes while this is a whole can of worms. That’s not the topic of this post.. a manga that I would be grateful for getting the opportunity to be licensed in English is Hide and Seek by Reibun Ike.

This is a book that shows off the fact that not every fujoshi or yaoi-reading fan loves an uke or seme that is pretty or emo. This is a book that does what it does, which is sell sex, so you get what you pay for, in explicit glory.

Talking about this book is not that difficult, and not even contingent on the fact that I have much to gain, since I am part of the team that localized this title under the umbrella of Digital Manga Guild. But I would genuinely recommend this title for those 18+ and with an open mind. Hide and Seek has 9 1/2 stories, all with very explicit drawings.

  • I remember grabbing it excitedly when I saw it at Akihabara’s Animate. I purchase it, since I didn’t think it would be licensed here, but there’s a special story in it that holds my heart… *coughs* Werewolf sex *coughs*
  • I remember literally screaming in my bedroom when I saw it on the Special Projects list. Then crossing my fingers on how fast can we get this project.
  • I remember nights of just cracking up, as I get into the nitty gritty of how to get the fx sound right. I even consulted my mom, who is not a bl fan.
  • I remember how much of a difficulty we had with translations… when Corrine and I worked on the book, months after a failed attempt with a previous project of ours for IS. Technically it is our second book, but our first published book.
  • It has small grammatical hiccups.

Hide and Seek falls under bara, a yaoi sub-category that deals with manly man, and there’s not a lot of books like that available in English, so while used copies of this genre only fills about 1 to 3 shelves in Mandarake Ikebukuro, there is an audience for this type of story. The appeal of this is only to a small niche, but for those who happen to like older man getting their opportunity to shine in a raunchy way, then this is a book to know about.

I am very grateful for this book to be licensed and available in English. If this book ever gets a print release, I am placing it alongside my Japanese version.

Overall I read of other posts in this mmf, and is reminded that without fans and readers then there wouldn’t exist books of this nature.

Happy Thanksgiving and read about more entries over at Rocket Bomber.

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