HnG MMF’s Call for Contribution

Greetings, with holidays coming up, things get real busy, but this is also the month for a manga movable feast on Hikaru no Go. During the period of December 26-31, I would be rounding up, and creating an Archive that deals with all things about Hikaru no Go (ヒカルの碁). So I invite anyone who has something to say about this series to blog, podcast, or discuss about it. If you have written anything in the past about Hikaru no Go, please forward links to me. I would gladly include it in the archive.

I also invite if people can’t think much about this series, to explore, blog, discuss about other manga series that talk about some form of board game. I can think of Shoji, Mah jong, Hanafuda, or Karuta.. still just to talk about weiqi (Go) is pretty nice.

Please use the hashtag of #hngmmf. I can be reached at a couple of ways. Twitter is @animemiz, or send it by email at animemiz(at)gmail(dot)com. Now if anyone wants to participate and doesn’t have a blog, email me, and I can host the article on this blog.


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