HnG MMF Round Up Day 1


Hikaru no Go MMF experiences its first day today…  so I do expect more links to trickle in. Thank you for those who contribute, especially since I expect people are still shaking it off from celebrating the holiday, and preparing to celebrate next week’s new year.

Today I have two links to share….

Though Lori’s entry’s title indicates a review of volume 12-15, she emphasizes that Hikaru no Go is “a compelling read”, and “need a place in the bookshelf that is otherwise not a digital acquisition.” Can I point out that currently Viz’s app has up to volume 21 at this time to purchase. Hikaru no Go never got the omnibus treatment.

Enzo shares an older link of an review that he has written on the anime of Hikaru no Go. Can I also reemphasize on how open I am to hosting reviews or discussions on this series in other mediums? That is fine. Hikaru no Go has a nicely done anime series, that I know lots of people have watched before in the past. I also said earlier that if bloggers want to share comparisons with other “board game” type series, then that is all right.

This feast is going to going on until the evening of 31st, so send in your links.

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