HnG MMF Round Up Day 2 and Day 3


So I held off a quiet day 2 to round up day 2 and day 3 in one entry. I hope you’re reading this feast with as much quiet anticipation as I have. One of my favorite things about manga movable feasts is the community that the love of reading a certain title would bring bloggers together.

For Day 2, I ended up with writing a post about playing go, but I ended up being quite philosophical, as I squeezed in some references to Hikaru no Go.

Ash writes a quick review of volume 1 over at his blog. He is pretty right about how this is a good intro to playing go, since you can be a newbie in experiencing this game. This is not a action oriented game, but a quite and thoughtful one.

Justin inquires readers in his post, how people were introduced to Hikaru no Go, as he shares his own experiences on getting introduced to the series, and what has happened since he read the series.

Lori graciously contributes another review, concluding he series from 18-23. She writes a feeling that the manga ending seems rushed, and not as strong, and that sentiment is echoed with the anime, where it concluded with events around volume 19, and an anime OVA covers some of volume 20, so that leaves volume 21-23 not animated. But definitely I am going to agree with her and other reviewers that this is a series that must be read or experienced.

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