MMF: Strategy and More Musings on Playing Go

Kimihiro Tsutsui

One of the characters I find myself looking forward is the appearance of Kimihiro Tsutsui, who is the founder and president of the Go Club at Hikaru’s regular school, he ends up graduating early in the series, but ends up appearing on occasions , and exists as a side character in the series’s large cast ensemble.

However his way of playing is something I would see a lot of people would be doing, myself included. His strategy is playing with a strategy book and by the rules. It is self taught, perseverance and shows the fact that to play go, there isn’t the necessary talent card, but with perseverance and effort, there is some personal satisfaction. I personally recommend using Kano Yoshinori’s Graded Go Problems for Beginners, and Teach Yourself Go by Charles Matthews, as good starting point for English readers.

Similar to how many sports channel in the U.S. has commentary, there is Go teaching programs in Japan. This is something I caught when I was in Kyoto as a tourist.


When Hikaru first meets Kimihiro, he gets recruited into a three player team tournament. They get disqualified, but participate the following year with Hikaru going against Akira. This three person tournament reminds me of what I see in Chihayafuru, which is another series that has a competitive side to a normal card game.

chihayafuru team

The manga series for Chihayafuru has not been licensed, but you can catch the anime series for the first season on Crunchy Roll.

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