MMF: Fairy Cube


In the world of high school student, Ian Hasumi, there are things not visible to the naked eye. He is blessed or cursed with the ability to see spirits. No one believes him, and gives him the unflattering nickname of “Ian the Liar”.

In the duration of volume 1, he gets his body stolen by Tokage, a salamander fairy that looks a lot like Ian. He ends up as a spirit taking the body of an elementary aged deceased child. Ian wants to take back what what his, including rescuing his beloved childhood friend Rin Ishingai, a girl who believed in him.

Fairy Cube is a short thee volume series from Kaori Yuki, available from Viz Media. She writes a story bringing in the concept of Irish fairies, body thieves and alternate naturalistic worlds. With an art style that reminds me slightly of Watase Yuu’s drawings, Kaori Yuki is a mangaka that appeals for fans of drama, and angst. She also draws a lot of lolita type glam with ruffles, lace, pearls, and eye patches. This is a draw for those visual kei affectionate types.

A good read alike story that is good for Fairy Cube is Natsume’s Book of Friends for having the ability to see the unknown.  Another is Arisa, where there is the taking of another identity in order to round out a larger story.

This is a late contribution to Foxy Lady Ayame’s Kaori Yuki MMF, other entries can be read here.

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