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Proper personal closure to Otakon 2008

All right, I realize I completely forgot about putting a perspective of Otakon here as I wrote in previous Otakon 2008 posts. Well in a month being overdue and with Fall semester underway and my posts on NYAF, why beat … Continue reading

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Day 1 of Otakon..

OMG.. I am so tired.. well this is a short recap of the day… went from 8:45am until 10:45pm… sat thru 5 1/2 panels, conked out at the last one, went for a run at the dealer’s room.. got some … Continue reading

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At Baltimore – Otakon Semi-Day 0-Day 1

Made it to Baltimore in one piece, very humid conditions. Attendance this years, seems higher than last year. Pretty excited… didn’t wait in long lines at all, but wondering about tomorrow. Ahhh.. Made some new friends, feeling kinda shy – … Continue reading

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Tomorrow this time..will be in Baltimore..

There I said it!!!! But oh my… still so much to do.. Have the clothes as a suitcase ready, some autograph stuff to take… but need to drop by 42nd street today for several things.. run to HSBC ATM, purchase … Continue reading

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Food- Discounts for Otakon members…

I just got wind of this release.. not so helpful, since I imagine I will be stocking it up at that supermarket nearby…. local business catering to the hordes of people. Is it worth it to visit these places? Discounts … Continue reading

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Prep for Otakon 2008

Edited August5 Discussed some possibilities.. with a friend of mine.. who is not going to Otakon.. and this is a more tentative/finalized schedule. Maybe if I can ask if sildentdeath’s schedule’s different from mine to go and visit some things.. … Continue reading

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More news from Otakon… more Voice actors..

Six more voice actor guests for OtakonĀ© 2008 Taliesin Jaffe Voice Actor/ADR Director A native Californian, Taliesin Jaffe took advantage of his proximity to the entertainment industry at an early age, and has been involved with several major productions to … Continue reading

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