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Awareness of news on Japan..what news is fit to print?

With the news happening in Japan, I have definitely relied more on Twitter to provide me with news of what has been happening. Western media are at the moment, days late. So Japan is currently operating at normal schedule at … Continue reading

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Twitter Follow Friday. ^_^

I am piggy backing on @mbeasi‘s nifty blogging things at this moment. The post is quite late… >_<  So I am going to do a personal roll call for people’s tweets that has recently within the past two months led … Continue reading

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Criticism on blogging and panels.>_<

Actually this entire post came out from my other post on Manga reviewing tips. I was busy compiling the tweets together, when I spent an hour just peering through the tweets. By the time I was able to put out … Continue reading

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Manga Reviewing Tip List.. via Twitter… Part 2

Well this is so soon after my first posting on it, with how fast Twitter moved. The tip list increased…. since this is great as a reminder for self, and maybe others.. I decided to continue to put off that … Continue reading

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Manga Reviewing Tip List.. via Twitter…

As I read through other people’s tweets, one of my regular tweet follower is’s Manga Guide Deb Aoki among other manga blogger tweeters (yuricon, magicalemi, ed, per, tiamat’s etc.) Recently Deb posted on Twitter, an umbrella and discussion posing … Continue reading

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Twitter and Updates.. wearing too many hats really..

I have an avid interest in Twitter, it became more of an interest of mine, ever since I started it. I even wrote about a response a while ago comparing it to Plurk. I love thinking about social media, but … Continue reading

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Twitter and different reactions noted in a time of natural ocurances..

I was speaking with moritheil recently about matters of twitter, and how often the service goes so fast, that it can be overwhelming. Lots of people have different opinions and it can be pretty profound one. This is an event … Continue reading

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