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Random plug for Japanese stationary goods.

I have a stash of Japanese pens in my room from when Asahiya Bookstore was still in operation in New York City. When I can indulge or want to look for something to write with, my preference is with using … Continue reading

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The chance of listening to Drama CDs…

Just a small random thought, on the importance of studying Japanese.. getting the chance to understand Drama CD’s. Of course that probably is not an important thing, but to be a fan of manga, there is probably never going to … Continue reading

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Narita Airport Video and Travel.

Ahh so I was going on my way reading through my blog, when I saw that Japan Probe actually did an entry that had me say.. Nostalgic.. that’s right a way to navigate through Narita Airport to travel into Tokyo. … Continue reading

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Hiroshima & Nagasaki, joint bid to compete for 2020 Summer Olympic.

Well after Tokyo recently lost 2016 Summer Olympics bid to Rio De Janeiro, and with Chicago not even making it into the second round. I hear internet news that Hiroshima & Nagasaki will be doing a joint bid for 2020 … Continue reading

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Japanese Sports Day..Exciting perhpas thrilling even.

This weekend was Columbus Day for people in the U.S. but it is also Health and Sports Day [体育の日] (taiiku no hi) in Japan for students there. That definitely brings sportsmanship, and teamwork. Now the reason why I knew this … Continue reading

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Learning how to write Japanese…

– Enomoto Kurumi: Mirai Kinenbi Struggles to learn Japanese… well how to read and write is always a desire of mine… so for the countless time… I am once again trying to learn Japanese, this time with the usage of … Continue reading

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Collection Aspects – Japanese Anime fan essentials….

As an anime fan, one of the things I always try to make sure I have, and know about is how usually money is usually spent on anime. It is an expensive hobby, and one that is aptly pointed out … Continue reading

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Aspects of Japanese Culture… Top 5 broad likings.

This topic has been on my mind ever since a class mate asked me what do I like about Japanese culture. I responded to her of liking everything that Japan has to offer… but then, there are so many faucets … Continue reading

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Erasing places off the map…

Well as a Geography major in my undergrad.. I joined up with a Maps Listserv and found this article to chew on. Georgia erases 488 places off the map. That is such a sad prospect, their reasoning seems to be … Continue reading

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Learn something new today about Meta searches…. quite likeable link to check out… I’m not sure if I like StumbleUpon.. a chanel searching web browswer.  This second place seems too assuming.

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