Hikaru no Go MMF

For December 2012’s Manga Movable Feast, this month covers Shonen Jump’s Hikaru no Go. Story by Yumi Hotta, Art by Takeshi Obata. Supervised by Yukari Umezawa (5 Dan).

This graphic novel series has been published entirely in English by Viz Media. This is the page to book mark, as I would be maintaining the contributions links here.

Call for Contributions
HnG MMF Round Up Day 1
HnG MMF Round Up Day 2 and Day 3
HnG MMF Closing Remarks and Final Round Up
MMF: Musings About Playing Go
MMF: Strategy and More Musings on Playing Go

Contributions from:

Ash Brown (Experiments in Manga)

Enzo (Lost in Anime)

Ikyzusaku (Brain Folder)

  • Hikaru no Go: The Losing Hero

Lori Henderson (Manga Xanadu)

Justin (Organization Anti-Social Geniuses)


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